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  Message from the President

Our company is one of the overseas subsidiaries of the Sekisui Kasei Co., Ltd. group. Since its inauguration in 1976, we have worked on sales of EPS materials in order to meet customers’ needs in southern China.

Since 2005, we have provided our products, goods and services; prioritizing customers’ satisfaction above all and centering on the sales of “PIOCELAN” highly-functional resin, mainly in “automobile” and “electronic equipment” domains.

PIOCELAN is used in various components by major Japanese auto makers to meet needs for weight saving and safety improvement. Moreover, providing products and goods of “Formed PET sheet” and “Foamed polypropylene sheet”, etc. as “cushioning materials”, “packaging materials” and “distribution materials” in the electronic equipment field, we continually operate our businesses based on top-level developments and services in China.

Because we are dealing with the whole products and goods of our parent organization, the Sekisui Kasei group, in China, you are strongly recommended to use them.

Keisuke Mori,President & Managing Director
Sekisui Kasei Hong Kong Trading Co., Ltd.

Yu Lei , Managing Director
Sekisui Plastics (H.K.) Trading Co., Ltd.